Freshman senior highschool dating

In other words, the freshman turned 15 shortly after the senior turned 17. There are junior/sophomore/freshman guys that would have sex with a freshman girl. sigh--This is all covered on the Lifetime channel--which should be avoided like the plague.

That's essentially a 2 year age gap, despite a 3 year grade difference. Why do people assume the senior would want to have sex? Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

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The issue isn't the physical age gap but the mental age gap.We'll schedule you for the desired day and even help you in choosing the right girl. Professional staff can help pick the perfect girl freshman senior dating on personal preference and personality, allowing us to create your booking in no time.For example, in all four cities, men experience slightly lower reply rates when they write more positively worded messages.For all they know, the senior could be a good student that plans on going to college next year. I'm sure that opinions on this forum vary, so it would be interesting to hear each side back up their opinion. When I was a senior, I got along with some freshmen.I just don't understand why people automatically assume older=bad. Or a freshman dating a weed-smoking freshman that doesn't care about school and will drop out when he turns 16. If a 37 year old is trying to date a freshman, I could understand people thinking that's wrong. The age gap is not extreme as some people make it sound. The reason I'm asking is can you say statutory R-A-P-E? There are some people that think it's such a bad thing for seniors to date freshmen.

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