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In the country that brought us the City of Love, maybe it’s worth noting the aspects about relationships that are specific to France and how they believe true love really works.In the US, we often have this idea that the person we date should be our best friend.Scrolling through anniversary posts on Instagram (i.e., “Happy two years to my best friend!!! ”) will clue you in to the trend that intertwines romance with best friendship.I, myself, am a believer in seeking a partner that doubles as a best friend.After all, you spend so much time with this person, shouldn’t it be the person who you laugh with the most, tell everything to, likes everything that you like, and is generally just a good friend?Wouldn’t life be boring if you spent it with someone who was less than your best friend?

Whatever () amount of complaining is necessary is reserved for girl friends over a glass of wine.

And still we buy into this idea that a wedding is the end of the fairytale.

But the French know the fairytale goes on much longer than after the wedding bells have stopped ringing, or that wedding bells aren’t necessary at all.

But when it comes to a real-life, no-frills relationship, are we really set up for the best success?

The Pursuit of Happiness is written into our Declaration of Independence, and pursuit of a Happy Ending is written into our favorite fairytales.

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