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is commissioned to provide testing for Chlamydia in Warwickshire.You may request your free Chlamydia Test online by entering your age and postcode on the homepage.We provide sober transportation services for all clients The cons • Price can be a barrier which needs to be weighed up versus the long-term cost of drug and alcohol abuse • Being away from friends and family which at first can be emotionally challenging Detox and rehab starts from £834 to £2,750 per week depending on treatment length and clinic chosen The NHS recommends visiting your GP if you notice the signs of addiction.

Taylor, from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, was found with 245 indecent images of children on his laptop when police raided his house.You could be referred to an inpatient facility that offers NHS treatment or one of the NHS outpatient programmes.You could even be referred to a programme run by a charity such as Addaction.This is often advocated by professionals for moderate to severe cases of addiction.At Liberty House Clinic, we provide you with excellent private rehab solutions for all cadres of addiction.

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