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The next time he came over she lay on her back to receive him, when he asked "don't you want me to use condoms?

" She said no that she could not get pregnant and that he had already cum in her so there was no point in using them now.

We have dabbled in each area and I have even let her date and go off with other men and on trips a few times.

- My wife walks past me on her way to the front door.She says "I'm going to the pool I'll be back later." This was around ten o'clock at night. " She said "no its still open." I noticed she is not wearing a swim suit. " and she said she was just going up to tell the kids to come home.She was dressed a little better then usual for retrieving kids, but it was not unlike her to dress like she was.Looking back now I feel slighted as I was denied the pleasure of enjoying her in her used sloppy condition.I also feel somewhat humiliated that she was fucking someone and kept it a secret from me for a year.

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