Excel charts and updating data

If the 'Select Data' had Minutes and Cartons set as Series they would originally go from rows 2 to 11 in their respective columns, but since I added 3 new data points, I want the chart to automatically update to graph rows 2 to 14.How do you get excel to do that on its own, instead of me having to go into the Select Data and edit every series every time? Once you set the range, anything inserted into that range is taken into account.The data series is called "Strategy HPR", which I named manually using Select Data on the chart. I have a macro that allows the user to select a date range on which to run a model, and then populates a range on the "Model" sheet with a column of dates and a column of output values from the model corresponding to each date. Visit Stack Exchange If I were to have data in excel just like the table below, and then make line charts with that data.All is well and good until I have to come back around and add rounds 11, 12, and 13 to the data.The data table itself updates correctly when I change the time period, but the graphs which read from this table of data do not update.I can't even get them to update by cutting them and pasting them again, the only way seems to be to save and close excel and open it again, and then they are updated with the new time period. If the ONLY solution is some kind of macro, is it possible to record it manually, i.e.

Also, if you end up needing a macro, I think that the one to solve your problem is really easy to write and also to use. Confirm the calculations are set to automatic - Ive also been trying to set to manual and F9, Shift F9 and CTRL Shift F9 all to no avail - the data table recalculates just fine, but the graphs do not update accordingly. If this macro is very easy to use, would you mind giving me brief instruction?

It is displayed as one bar with the separation split being quite obvious.

The bar chart showed a large proportion of the bar representing 178, with a small section to show 37.

However, this week, the figure for 'Allocated to A' is 34 and the figure for 'Allocated to B' is 181; the data labels have automatically updated but the bar has a larger proportion allocated to A, which looks wrong!

Does anyone know why the areas of the charts don't update, just the labels? It is basically a workbook with three 'data source' tabs, so the data is dumped onto these tabs.

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