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ED: Thats something Ilene [Chaiken, the shows creator] and I talked about when she told me the plan for the third season [to have a character die of breast cancer, with Dana being chosen because she was well-loved, not in spite of it, Chaiken told The New York Times].

It wasnt my decision to leave the show, and I was very sad to see Dana go.

During the third season, Daniels broke hearts with her performance when Dana is diagnosed with breast cancer, a battle she ultimately loses before the March 26 finale. We dont know what it is, but every once in a while he gets into whatever it is and ends up with all these little bumps. ED: Yeah, he gets a shot of Benadryl and then hes fine. KH: Dana went through a lot of very tough emotional evolutions on the show, from coming out of the closet in the first season to battling, and eventually succumbing to breast cancer in the third. As far as coming out of the closet, that was something that many people I know and love have done, so I talked to them.

I caught up with her by phone on a sunny Saturday afternoon at her home in Hollywood Hills. And because Ive never had to do that before, I looked at the character and said, The truth is, shes facing something about herself that shes had a hard time accepting, and then asked myself what I have had a hard time accepting that was difficult to tell my parents about.

So I stopped and studied acting for two years with William Esper [whos worked with Kristen Davis, Jennifer Beals, John Malkovich and countless other A-listers]. KH: It seems drive and determination have played a big part in your career. Theres sort of a common theme thereevery time I push my acting career away, it comes back to me twofold.

Sort of like lovewhen youre not looking for it, it comes to you. I wasnt looking for it, but it came back to me when I was ready and then I was off and running. ED: [After appearing in several off-Broadway productions in New York and guest-starring on several shows including Law & Order] I moved to L. and did a couple of pilots and a couple of series [Action, The Outer Limits], and I was frustrated at the time, because its a very frustrating business, especially for women.

I hit a wall, and said Im tired of auditioning for the bimbos and young, nave girls.

I suppose I just needed the attention so badly that I was like This is great!

This is more attention than I could ever need right here! The only thing I thought about was that the charactersthe way they were writtenwere very smart, very interesting and very complicated.

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