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Next to their registration box is a large grid with photos of some women's profiles, and if you hover over them, will show an inaudible video clip of theirs.Clicking their picture takes you to their profile, where you can learn more about the girl and see some of her gallery of photos.They'll have their appearance details, such as height and eye color, as well as where they live, and some lifestyle details, such as if they smoke or drink.Another way you can view even more profiles and see who's online is through the Women Gallery tab that's on the homepage.Besides chat, you can utilize the Letters feature to write lengthy messages to women and have a more in-depth conversation.The chat feature is useful for quick and fun conversation, and maybe to ask for a woman's locked photo album password that's on their profile, while letters are good for getting to know someone more intimately.But if neither of you likes sushi, you can get a more useful gift and pay for a monthly course in English so you and she can communicate better. The gifts on Ru-Brides are fantastic, and while it's not all about material items in a relationship, they definitely are a sweet reminder of you when you're both in different countries.

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Of course, it wouldn't be a dating site without a search tool.You can choose to sign-up with your Facebook account or use your e-mail address; either way, the process will fly by and you'll be logged in and ready to go.By staying on the site, you'll start to receive various chat requests and letters from women.Whether these are genuine or not is for you to decide, but it seems these women are eager to speak to you.The only downside, however, is that communication costs credits, which is true for all the features and communication methods on Ru-Brides.

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