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The screenwriter and director had to adapt the book into two different dramatic structures, with beginning, middle, and end.

He also asserts that his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers is no less than those ordained from birth.

for more information on the Dayton Triangles see Sir, It was clear that your Terrible Towel decision was handed down before Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime in the finale of Wild Card Weekend.

Can you be certain that your decision to allow the desecration of the Terrible Towel did not directly contribute to this most unlikely of outcomes? Further, please refrain from any future decisions that might effect my Philadelphia Eagles.

They and their fans have suffered enough without the help of activist judges like you.

Regards, Matt Gianquinto Hartford CT @quinto CT Being a Yale educated jurist, I would expect Judge Hodgman to be familiar with the ripeness doctrine.

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