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Whilst he could easily have used his height to intimate others, this wasn’t in his makeup.He was actually often picked on at school because of his size.Thanks Norman Brook Dear Gungi, Every time I go to a show I always glance over at the sound board, half expecting to see you mixing your magic sound potion.Just wanted to let you know that you will always be on the minds and in the hearts of those whose lives you touched with your kindness and generosity.In reaching out to Gordon via Google, I had hoped we would be able to reconnect, that we might bump into each other somewhere in the world and share our experiences.It would have been wonderful to have been able to do so.I first met you in 1966 in a school Physics lab in our first year at Bell-Baxter Junior High School in Cupar, Fife, where we were both in first year.We hit it off right away, and were friends for at least 10 years, only beginning to lose touch when you moved south, and I moved to St. You and I put together a mobile disco, "Medusa Disco" when I was old enough to drive (19701) which we ran successfully from Cupar for about a year - we got good, and had lots of fun doing it until the tax man caught up with us :-( When you were an electronics tech at Psychology, I also worked for St.

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You are still sorely missed by family, friends, and all who knew you. Gordon told me that he was now touring with bands as a sound man. So last night thinking about him I decided to try to find him via Google.I am grateful to have a neutral place to lay my words. I remember he always went out of his way to help me, backstage passes, photo passes or just taking pictures from the sound board and I didn't really know him that well.It makes me feel better like you always made me feel; better. I will always remember the time he hooked me up to photograph Van Halen the next night after the Judas Priest show and he was working for Priest. His name is Gordon Paterson, we lived close to each other in Cupar, where we both went to Bell Baxter High School. I still have memories of you in Scotland with Nobodaddy and when you used to work for my dad at the university of St. I told my dad and he was really sad but said you were a great guy. I find much comfort in knowing others held you in such high regard as myself. Brenda Fowler Last night whilst watching a television show on music acts coming down here in Cape Town, my thoughts turned to one of my best friends from school.

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