Dating vintage stetson hats essay on dating tips

Cavanagh had a clientele that was typically older and more conservative, fashion-wise, than the other brands.

Stetson hats are made with only the highest quality materials, ranging from raffia straw hats in their outdoor collection, to crushable soft wool felt for autumn, and even American bison fur blends.

As well, there is a lot number 37, a relatively low lot number, which probably places it in 1929, though it could always be really late in 1928.

The use of a lot number is interesting in that they appear to be quite rare in hats from C&K, Dobbs, and Cavanagh.

As an example, here are two Cavanaghs separated in manufacturing time by thirty years: From my experience, most Cavanagh hats in existence today, and that come on the market, are almost always from 1954 into the 1980s.

Earlier ones are rarities, though through diligence one can still find them.

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