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As well as re-founding the city's kremlin, it is possible that Yaroslav Yaroslavich also ordered the establishment of the Otroch Monastery in the city.

In approximately 1271 the Tver Eparchy was established being separated the Polotsk Eparchy.

In 1264 Prince Yaroslav Yaroslavich of Tver also became grand prince of Vladimir, but decided to rule from Tver.

Due to these reasons Tver grew in both population and significance.

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Yuri arrived first and was able to blame Mikhail for the death of the khan's sister. In 1318 after Mikhail has faced a month of imprisonment and torture, Yuri and Kavgadi decided to be rid of him once and for all and had their men kill him.

However in 1322 Dmitri the Terrible Eyes informed Khan Uzbek that Yuri was keeping some of the tribute for himself.

Uzbek appointed Dmitri as grand prince of Vladimir.

Mikhail met the army at the Battle of Bortenevo in December 1317 and was victorious.

Konchaka, the sister of Khan Uzbeg and wife of Yuri of Moscow, was taken prisoner but later died in captivity in Tver.

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