Dating sites block america countries

This is a question that gets asked a lot, particularly among people who are planning to travel or move to China.

It helps knowing what to expect, which is why I’d like to give you a comprehensive (and constantly updated) list of blocked websites in China.

I remember the days when I had a Blogspot blog in China. So as you plan your travels, your move or a business trip to China, it’s good to have an understanding of the blocked websites in China as well as the blocked apps in China.

Below, I’d like to walk you through the list, followed by my personal tips from having survived and done business in China all these years.

One final note: you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get used to life without constant access to Facebook or Gmail.

It’s a bit liberating 🙂Josh is the founder of Travel China who has been living in China with his family since 2006.

Starting in the late 1990s, China began monitoring and censoring the internet within its borders.

That first decade of internet censorship flew mostly under the radar. For a number of different reasons, and due to a number of different incidents, the Chinese government began to feel threatened by the free access to information for its citizens, particularly with western social media platforms. In order to do any of these things, I am now forced to use a VPN (in my experience, Express VPN has been consistently reliable in China).

By using a VPN like Express VPN, you’ll get access to all the productivity apps, social media, news, and streaming sites that you’re used to using.If accessing your email or staying in touch with family is important to you while in China, I recommend spending a few dollars on a VPN service.It’s well worth the money, VPNs still work in China despite what you might have read, and it has the added benefit of encrypting and securing your data.There’s no indication that China will cease their censorship of the internet any time soon.In fact, all signs point to the fact that this list will continue to grow as I update it each month.

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