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The most common mother tongue is Chinese, with about 50% of the population.Approximately 32% speak English as their first language, 12% Malay, and 3% Tamil.Obviously, written language in Singapore is also complex, given the variety of official languages.Commonly-used writing systems include the Latin alphabet, Chinese characters and the Tamil script, which is derived from India's Southern Brahmi system.The largest religion in Singapore is Buddhism, at about 43% of the population.The majority are Mahayana Buddhists, with roots in China, but Theravada and Vajrayana Buddhism also have numerous adherents.singapore housing, living, staying & working in singapore.apartment, condo, house, property for rent / sale in singaporesingapore expats - singapore property, housing rent, relocation, living, staying in singapore.

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Singapore's population is highly diverse, and many of its residents are foreign-born.

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How did this tiny nation become one of the world's wealthiest? According to its constitution, the Republic of Singapore is a representative democracy with a parliamentary system.

In practice, its politics have been completely dominated by a single party, the People's Action Party (PAP), since 1959.

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