Dating on the job

Remember the mousy, shy girl in high school who nobody noticed? You might have a great work ethic, but if people don’t know about you, the odds are against you. A conversation at a party might actually turn into a professional opportunity.Extended social networks (friends of friends) work for dating, and they can work in job search too. Your Facebook contacts might be more useful than your Linked In contacts.: Once you’ve made a commitment, it may be too late to realize you’d have preferred something different.Conduct your own background investigation and check your expectations.Though you may not realize it, your ego may be interfering.

Second, take an honest look at your online photos and profiles. Just like dating profiles, job search profiles need to be authentic if you want to foster a connection.

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Although the surface might not be as attractive as you’d like, there could be a lot of potential underneath.

In your quest the right job (or person), are you hiding parts of yourself and only showing only what you they’re looking for?

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