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Source: Internet For many travelers, Asia aficionados and Indochina enthusiasts, there is one destination that is constantly popping up on “The Best” lists, Hoi An. Southeast Asia’s favorite port town, this ancient hub wins a place in every visitor’s heart from its stunning coastline to its mango-colored alleyways.Why visit Hoi An over the other UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world?While amok (fish soup made with coconut milk and red Thai curry paste) has enough lime zest and chilli kick to warm the stomach, and is traditionally steam cooked in a round banana leaf dish.Visit Battambang Bat Caves at sundown Every evening at the base of Phnom Sampeau mountain, crowds gather in anticipation to observe thousands of bats burst out of a cave hole for their nightly hunt.People People The name Hoi An means peaceful meeting place and it still feels that way all these many hundreds of years after the Cham people, of the former Kingdom of Champa, first began trading there in the seventh century.

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These things below are the highlights of Cambodia that you need to visit to make the most of your adventure.

Aside from these rather niche foods, Cambodian dishes typically use fried noodles or sticky rice as a main ingredient, with an addition of fried vegetables and meat.

Lort cha (noodles, bean sprouts, and chives) is typically cooked with beef, topped with a fried egg and is served in a generous portion enough to satisfy a hungry appetite.

Sample the street food of Siem Reap South-East Asian cuisine opens travellers to a whole new range of alternative street food that travellers wouldn’t typically find on market stalls back home.

From deep-fried tarantulas and snakes on skewers, to lime and chilli crickets, there really is everything and anything on the menu to choose from.

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