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Thai women who are ready to date are everywhere — from bars, coffee, shops, malls, parks, tourist attractions, beaches and more!You just need to have the right attitude so that you can be successful in getting to know more about her. Extremely long Thai names are common and many foreigners who come visit us have a hard time pronouncing our names, so I stick to my nickname Waen.Their chance encounter happened inside a coffee shop while the Thai woman was enjoying a cup of tea with her own set of friends.He managed to get her number as the lady knew basic English.It’s short and sweet, and easy for tourists I guide to remember and understand.In Thailand, there are numerous languages and dialects spoken.

While a continuous conversation such as when you’re out on a date can be a challenge when you’re with a Thai lady who speaks little English, this proves to be just a small problem in the long run; especially if you’re with someone who you absolutely adore.

For instance, as a tour guide, I have witnessed plenty of Thai-foreigner relationships blossom from brief encounters that turned to serious dating and even marriage!

Let me share with you a story about an American man, Robert, who came to Thailand with his friends.

My name is Waen, a 20-something Thai lady who was born and raised in the picturesque city of Khon Kaen.

As a part-time tour guide, Thai-English translator and a freelance writer and photographer, I am blessed to be traveling around my beautiful country most of the year.

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    They’ve been around even before online dating sites existed.