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Bermuda has resisted attempts of UK labor and other non-government politicians to show other details of companies, such as their inter-corporate involvements, beneficial ownership, financial disclosures, management and directors, etc. Private companies, such as those held by royalty or heads of state, etc.

are not listed and none of their details are available.

If your website is not in Bermuda and/or not Bermuda-relevant and you are not prepared to reciprocate with a cross-link, sorry, we cannot link to you.

Since I've conditioned all my friends to expect read receipts from me, if they don't see them for a while, they can rest easy knowing that I'm not intentionally ignoring them.We'll gladly create a link to yours when you create a link to ours. An A to Z listing, showing Miscellaneous first ( those companies with names beginning with numeric, not alphabetical, characters).Bermuda-incorporated companies, corporations and Limited Partnerships. For all of these companies, only limited information is available on the public register.You might assume that I am obsessively vigilant about reading my texts immediately, but see here: If I'm not ready to answer a message, I won't read it until I have the proper time and mindset to respond.If you're the kind of self-respecting adult who doesn't check their phone every five minutes, read receipts come in handy for thwarting off agitated texts like "Hello?

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