Dating griswold cast iron skillet

Matthew Griswold and two brothers from the Selden teamed up and started to make door hinges in 1868.Their factory was known as the “butt factory” named after the type of door hinge made the “butt hinge”.If you have an Erie skillet, you can further break the Erie logo into different categories.The Wagner and Griswold Society has an article on the different Erie versions.Look for Griswolds’s Erie skillets between sizes 6-9 and 11 to 12. The Griswold Manufacturing company used the Slant trademark from 1906-1916. The Griswold slant logo is easily with the word Griswold which is in italics. Griswold cast iron skillets without Erie marking had a manufacture date around 1906-1929.Also the Slant logo has characteristics which differ from Erie and Griswold’s Erie skillets. The largest skillet with the Griswold Slant logo is no14. Again I cannot pinpoint the exact date of manufacture of the Griswold slant logo with EPU. Sizes available, I have only seen the large slant logo without Erie on size #9 skillets. Griswold also used slant logo on smooth bottom pans. However slant logos on skillets without a heat ring is not as common as skillets with a heat ring.The Griswold family bought out the Selden family interest in the foundry in 1884 and although Griswold may have used the Selden & Griswold molds after buying out the Selden’s stake in the foundry. I would date cast iron cookware with the Selden & Griswold trademark before 1885. Erie cast iron is some of the most sought after vintage cast iron you can collect. Erie cast iron skillets are very thin and lighter Griswold cast iron skillets. Other foundries during time, may have used Erie skillets as a template to make to their own molds.Check out our other article to learn about the history of Griswold Manufacturing. It’s not uncommon the find Sidney Hollow Ware and Wapak skillets with an Erie ghost mark.

There are conflicting dates so I used the wider conservative timeline.If your interested in vintage cast iron we also have information on other major foundries which includes: How much is my Griswold Skillet worth?Even though an exact amount can’t be placed on your skillet there are certain sizes and logos which are more desired by collectors and enthusiasts.Luckily we can use these markings to determine the age of your Griswold cast iron skillet.Disclaimer: information is to the best of my knowledge only.

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