Dating for fit healthy people

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean your other half is working out in a different way than what they’re telling you.But if the other signs are there, you’ve got a good reason to be suspicious.Translation: You tease your partner about a gym routine because it makes you feel less bad about never showing up to spin class.Pick a neutral time when you’re both calm (e.g., not a.m.In other cases, one partner might make fun of the other’s heath regimen because he or she feels intimidated.“Negative attitudes towards a partner’s eating and exercise habits can also be self-protection strategies,” says William J. D., a therapist and professor at the University of Minnesota.Getting pissed at a partner for being too health-conscious may be a way of saying “I don’t feel important enough” or “I’m worried you’ll leave me.” On the flip side, sometimes the healthier partner can guilt the other for binge-eating fries or skipping the treadmill.

But should you leave your significant other simply because he or she doesn’t get your yoga obsession?And results of a recent poll could confirm this classic sign of infidelity.A recent survey of 1,100 members of the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison found almost three-quarters of respondents exercised primarily to keep their “other” partners interested.But there may be a dark side to having a partner who practically lives at the gym, and it has nothing to do with health or fitness.If you and your partner are both committed to wellness, don’t panic.

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