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(If you think that people will stick around after dinner for a dry wedding, then you're sorely mistaken.) To some people, Thanksgiving is simply quality time with family and friends that they can't get throughout the rest of the year.

To others, it's that one time when it's okay to be a gluttonous hog and get hammered all weekend long.

From mainstays like guacamole to buzz-worthy variations of avocado toast, this silky green fruit is the Hulk of the food world right now. When it comes to barbecues, vegetarians get the short end of the stick.

And the best ways to cook fish that you know of—c'mon, who doesn't love a fried fish—take way too much effort for you to bother with on a weeknight.

Goodbye, diets—see you in the next year, when you cripple us with unbridled guilt and longing.

Yes, I know it's autumn and the trees are losing their leaves, but the seasons do not decide when I can or cannot enjoy ice cream.

But eggs are freaking good in just about any cooking prep, and more often than not are the foundation of your favorite baked goods.

Maybe you decided to make your own pumpkin pureé because of all the buzz about canned pumpkin actually being squash (which, by the way, is a load of bull: it's made with ugly pumpkins, but pumpkins nonetheless).

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