Dating end the phone call

We've made a list of the 8 most common phone scams to watch out for.

You finish your day at work and you have a voicemail from an unknown number: "Congratulations! To claim your reward..." Chances are, like most things, this is too good to be true.

Lori Salkin, dating coach and senior matchmaker at Saw You At, says there are only two times it's OK to break up with someone over the phone: She tells Elite Daily, "If you just started going out with someone, like fewer than five or six times, it is definitely OK to just call them to end it." You haven't spent that much time together and things aren't exactly serious.

Breaking up with them in person might be a logistical nightmare. You have to agree on a place to meet, get dressed, drive or take an Uber there, all to have a 15-minute conversation about how you never want to see them again? Because things between you two are still new, it's unlikely that they'll take this breakup to heart so it's fine to do it over the phone.

So yeah, I know what it's like to break up with someone over the phone, but 26-year-old me would probably do things a bit more considerately than 16-year-old me did.Alphys's handle is ALPHYS, Papyrus's handle is Cool Skeleton95, Undyne's handle is Strong Fish91, and Napstablook's handle is NAPSTABLOOK22.Here's how I broke up with my high school boyfriend: I ignored his calls for about three weeks until he eventually texted me very bluntly, "Um, this isn't working, is it?The Cell Phone is an item in Undertale that Toriel gives to the protagonist early in the game.Later, on the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, Alphys mentions that the Cell Phone Toriel gave the protagonist is ancient, and upgrades it.

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