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Dating Advice #11: Romance never turns out how you think it will go. If you deliver an advance and the girl of your affection ends up with me, just know that that is how these things work. Dating Dayton (Vol 3.): Andrew and the Greek Dude (But It's Not What You Think).

Here is some very, very important advice for all of you men. Dating Advice #7: A good woman is precious, special, rare, valuable, and unique.

" Dating Advice #10: Even experts have their failures. Anything more than one sentence or a question and answer, and you better hope you are talking to a literature major or a lawyer or you have no chance.

What should have been a classic, undeniable pick-up line, fell flat as this girl was happily married and had no interest in entertaining thoughts of another. Brevity also lessens the pain of the rejection, or so I have heard.

If November 21st does not fall on a weekend, as it did this year, only residents of RS get the day off.

Bosniaks (but not Croats) celebrate not the 21st but the 25th, the date modern Bosnia was founded by anti-fascist partisans in 1943.

Authorities in Prijedor in RS refuse to allow a memorial to the mostly Bosniak children killed there during the war.

Separate education systems replicate the divisions for new generations.

Yet despite voting mainly for ethnically based parties, Bosnians are far less nationalist than is often thought.Bojan Solaja of the Centre for International Relations in Banja Luka, the capital of RS, says Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats agree the war was a mistake, and tend to get on well in private: “It is not a matter of people but of politics.”For 20 years gloom-mongers have predicted that Bosnians would go back to fighting. Dayton, for all its flaws, succeeded in ending the war even if it failed to bring Bosnians together into a single nation.Their dysfunctional state looks set to limp on for many anniversaries of Dayton to come.That is largely because, when it comes to remembering the war, Bosnia’s Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks (Muslims) have three utterly different versions of what happened.The Dayton deal allowed the Bosnian state to survive, but divided.

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