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If you comment in such a way that shames, harasses, or otherwise acts like a JNMIL, your comment will be removed.If you PM OP to shit on them, we will find you and we will ban you and report you to the admins if necessary. Normally I can bypass the old training where I'm supposed to rush to Fucking Linda's aid and talk her out of bad decisions (props to everyone who caught that this is my training/old pattern and I was being sucked into it).I came back and my family said I basically wasn't there at all for another two weeks (seriously dissociated).

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Then again, we met few times, got married in court. Read all Will your correspondance lead to marriage or ... But sometimes, due to different reasons, it becomes very difficult. For many people the Internet and dating sites become a lifeboat in the stormy ocean of life.

There is a fairly well known scam where people will pretend to be local men on trips to various other countries, propose to women online, and then have some sort of 'incident' that stops them from coming home and marrying the woman, that they need money for- a medical emergency, being held up in customs, whatever. I have some connections to people in Dallas who do international engineering consulting in Sub Saharan Africa (that's you, u/la_vikinga). If you send me his information through (Brother) I will be willing to check on him.

The outline of the relationship I heard made it sound very much like one of these scams. am not sending this to you because I want any kind of relationship with you ever again. If not, I strongly suggest you do a background check on this man, first to make sure he exists, and second to protect yourself in case he's catfishing you.

While no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse. Beautiful Muslima Russian brides reverts: Muslim Matrimonial.

I never really got to spend a lot of time grieving for Dad, I went from his death and funeral to spending a month in Colorado trying to get Fucking Linda on her feet.

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