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It encompasses large swathes of picturesque mountain pastures and meadows, scattered with individual or small groups of old Scots pine and is made distinctive by its shallow winding brooks and streams.Around the boundary of the plateau, there are impassable gorges, caves, potholes and mixed woodlands of Scots pine, European black pine, spruce, firs, beech, sessile oak and other species of tree.We plan trips all over the world, from weekends away in Europe to long haul trips in far off destinations, and have had amazing experiences worldwide whilst making great new friends and sharing unforgettable moments together.If its adventure that you crave, culture, relaxation or doing something completely different there are trips to suit every type of traveller and every budget. hope to see you at a meet up soon and look forward to travelling with you and making more unforgettable memories! IF YOU WOULD LOVE TO JOIN US THEN PLEASE MESSAGE ME. Upon browsing for alternative city breaks I came across this gem of a find, and thought it might appeal to those Travel Buddies amongst us that fancy something a little different, somewhere we may have not considered visiting before.Two and a half hours ride we’ll spend enjoying the beautiful landscapes and listen to interesting stories about this part of the country.Our first stop is Bajina Bašta, a small town in the foothill of Mt. Here, we will see the world-famous attraction, “The House on the Drina”, an isolated house made of logs on a river stone.After a photo stop and a refreshment, we will continue our trip to the famous Sargan Eight. During our ride, we will stop at several viewpoints from which one can see fabulous views over Mokra Gora.

The region of Zlatibor is famous for its folk architecture, native culture and traditions, wealthy and diverse ethnic heritage, its widely-renowned culinary specialities, healthy food and the balmy climate which has earned Zlatibor a reputation for its healthy air and the status of one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia.And this is far more than a city break in Belgrade, we are also going to enjoy a 2 day overnight trip exploring Western Serbia with a visit to Zlatibor Mountain, a train journey on the Sargan Eight, and a tour of the Wooden City of Mecavnik. 3rd September There isn't a European capital with a more turbulent history than Belgrade.Plus, enjoy some good old Western Serbian home cooked cuisine. The flight times are great as well, so , who's coming to join us as we explore a brand new country. At the frontier of empires and the junction of the great Danube and Sava rivers, this is one of the oldest cities on the continent. You can sense this lust for life on Skardarlija, the Bohemian street, or the splavovi, party boats that are moored on the Danube and Sava.The Travel Buddies trips work on the basis that as long as you are having a good time then that is what matters, if you don't feel like coming on one of the excursions or joining the rest of the group for dinner one evening then that is absolutely fine.This is an adventure for everyone and there is nothing worse than having to go somewhere/do something that you don't really fancy! 4th September We start today with a guided walking tour of Belgrade which lasts 2 hours after which we have free to time to explore the city for ourselves. The Belgrade Fortress which used to contain the entire city and has lived through 2,000 years of conflict. Car-free and paved with bumpy cobblestones, Skadarlija has been a bohemian haunt since the 1800s and is Belgrade’s answer to Montmartre.

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