Dating antique brass bed

The other countries patent archieves illustrate the brass beds arrival in countries like canada and the USA, as well as france, the country showing the earliest patents, The original documentation revealing the actual history of brass beds including the ones where the frame included brass, or the ones where ornamental parts were of brass is widespread, however, the patent archieves tell the real story, including the early brass beds that had the brass in the bed frame the mattress rests upon.

Thus there are seveal catagories of brass beds, however, the so-called solid brass beds came from the worm infestation resolution.

Brassplated beds, or iron beds electroplated with brass and then laquered, were produced for a time by the simmons mattress company near the 1940's.

The famous victorian brass bed in the crystal palace in the early 1800's upon examination is revealed to be a bed made of iron tubing and embellished with brass ornamentation, It is not a solid brass bed.

Restoring these brass antique lamps is very rewarding because they can be returned to their original luster pretty easily.

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One in very good condition that is ornate can be worth between 1,000.00, up to 3,000.00 dollars.

In the earlier 1800’s brass bed frames were all the rage.

Iron beds did not hold the prestige of their brass counterpart.

Brass can also look like this after many years and be referred to as antique brass.

One popular metal used in fine antique lamps is brass.

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