Dating and fear of rejection

Free sites employ very few checks and balances to ensure pests and abusive users are barred permanently.

If a user must input payment details they will behave in a more respectful way as they may be held accountable for insulting or inappropriate behaviour-this will greatly reduce your risk of being hurt by cruel rejections.

I would challenge even the most confident of narcissists to emerge without a bruise or ten.

Dating takes a thick skin and often the fear of constant rejection, some delicate, some unbridled, can be enough for some to embrace singledom rather than run the risk of being burned.

Refining your search to dating sites like are subscription based and aimed specifically at those seeking real relationships will limit your exposure to rejection.

Virtually eliminate risk of rejection by joining a reputable introductions service like Intro Matchmaking.

Just because an object of your affection does not reciprocate, it does not mean you are not worthy, it simply means you are not suitable for that one person.

Avoid wasting energy on people that want affairs or one night stands by choosing the right places to meet like-minded singles.

The biggest obstacle standing between most guys and their dream relationship is that they never even try approaching great women…all because they’re scared of being “rejected.” Of course, it’s easy for guys to convince themselves that they’re trying. They go to the gym and maybe they even ask a woman out once in awhile.

But, in the end, MOST guys spend MOST of their time on the “sidelines.” They never truly get in the game, also known as “putting themselves out there,” with the energy and commitment necessary to succeed with a truly great woman. Because they’re afraid they’ll ultimately be rejected.

In a world of hot-or-not dating apps it seems we have all been reduced to our ability to take a decent selfie.

And while the fast and furious land of online dating makes it impossibly easy to meet new people, dating sites are not for the faint-hearted.

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