Dating a smith and wesson pistol will demps dating

: These various named models were taken over and sold by Smith & Wesson following judgment granted them in law suits for infringements of Patent rights. —Straight side thumb piece, solid round pointed nose, hand pivot to left side, hand spring slot cut in front face to receive flat spring. Patented January 17-24, 1865; July 11-18, 1865; October 24, 1869; February 20, 1877. Tenon cuts at ends to hold bow-shaped spring guard incasing double action trigger. —Round body, ribbed top jointed to frame at bottom strap forward of guard latching to frame at bolster interlocking post with jointed barrel catch. Double series of stop notches with free groove extending around cylinder to accommodate action of rocker type stop.

Counter bored to receive flanged extractor head with center hole made pentagon shape for stem. MODEL 32 DOUBLE ACTION—First Model S&W 32 Caliber center fire cartridge. Guard and stop cut in bottom strap made to receive stop and V-shaped trigger spring. Center hole made pentagon shape for extractor stem.

From 43,406 to 327,641 manufactured, discontinued in 1919.

Sear jointed to front face held in latched or normal position by coil wire spring. Cam or hook extending from body forward of stud hole to engage cylinder stop. —Encased in slot in frame with stud extending through side carrying thumb piece, pivot at head end engaging center pin unlocking cylinder at bolster—when in forward position. DETAIL OF DESIGN Designed as fifth model with the following changes: —Shape of back made as a cam with rounded edge to operate hammer block through plunger.Single notch provided for double action throw only. Solid guard, bolster flange crimped on left side to engage center pin. —Tapered round body, ribbed top, threaded to screw to frame. Flat boss raised from body underside to close space between barrel and extractor rod. Circle cuts to receive end of extractor arms acting as dowels. Sear jointed to hammer front face held in latched or normal position with coil wire spring engaging trigger for double action throw, notch cut at foot for full cock position, slotted to receive plain main spring stirrup, bottom of foot made flat to engage rocker rebound.V-shaped lug at bottom to operate split spring escapement for cylinder stop. —Flanged finger piece pivoted to frame held in normal position by V-shaped trigger spring. Frame lug inserted in left side lower strap as buttment for cylinder in extracting shells. Center hole made with solid key or dutchman for extractor stem. Made of mild cast steel, tempered, sand blast finish.Reissue July 25, 1871; May 11, 1880; January 3, 1882. DETAIL OF DESIGN Designed as First Model with the following changes: —With extended arm to engage spring stop.MODEL 32 DOUBLE ACTION—Third Model 32 Caliber center fire cartridge.

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