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This study examined the reality of the experience of the labor market for new college faculty, especially faculty of color, and identified common myths in the academic labor market.

With that philosophy in mind, we’ve adopted a standard of metrics that we continually leverage to make our hiring processes more intelligent and our businesses more successful: cost-per-hire; time-to-hire; number of applicants; applicants per position; the list goes on.

The study identified eight prototypes differentiated by the degree of employment choice and type of employment ultimately accepted.

Most subjects, regardless of race or gender, were appointed to regular faculty positions (70 percent) or to postdoctoral positions appropriate to their fields (17 percent).

While traditional metrics do still matter, recruiters know they’re successful today when talent ramps quickly and performs at high levels.

Almost 40 percent of recruiters rate performance of a new hire as the most important metric for evaluating their success, followed by almost 25 percent who report retention rate is most essential.

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