Danny raco dating

Notably, he once duetted with a cameo-making Ed Sheeran in a surreal dream sequence that is still available on You Tube.

“And it was like, .”Follow Apa for even a few days on Instagram and you’ll learn quickly about his guitar skills; he regularly posts videos of himself shredding a guitar riff or covering classic rock songs by bands like Led Zeppelin and Van Halen.

“I have to remind myself this isn’t real,” Apa says of the scripts he’s received here, in this make-believe world that subverts the utopian suburb.

“Sometimes it can be hard when you’re reading a script, more so when you’re actually shooting it.

“He’s just getting better and better.”Yet it’s that music or , the new Netflix film cementing Apa as a teen resigning himself to the looming prospect of business school rather than studying music.

It’s a rom-com, and features all the fumbles of first love, and then some: As Griffin, Apa falls for a girl only to learn that his dad is having an affair with her mom.

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