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Meanwhile, Fergie and Jem are pressuring Doug about the next heist, but Doug is determined to get out.Fergie threatens to kill Claire if Doug does not go through with the job, and reveals to Doug how he controlled his father by making his mother an addict, which led to her suicide.

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The gang is caught in a firefight with FBI SWAT operators, and Dez and Gloansy are killed. Jem, determined not to go back to prison and out of ammunition, commits suicide by cop by running out of cover with his guns unloaded and is killed.

She in turn tells Doug that she saw a tattoo on one of the robbers, and he realizes that she can identify Jem and send them all to prison.

He knows that Jem will kill her if he discovers the truth, so in order to discourage her, he advises her to tell the police, and tells her that the authorities will then put her in witness protection and send her to live in another state.

Frawley deduces Claire tipped off Doug, but doesn't arrest her because her choice of words is circumstantial.

Doug leaves a note under the police radio antenna on Frawley's car, reading "GO F*CK YOURSELF".

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