Cycle speed dating bristol

We started running events in Bristol in 2011 and thanks to some wonderful word of mouth about the quality of our events, most events sell out.

One other thing, with our cast iron speed dating guarantee that states if you don’t match with anyone, you can come again for free, you simply cannot lose.

New bicycle cafe Roll for the Soul will act as a hub for the fourth edition of the Bristol Cycle Festival, running from July 13th to 21st.

While the Festival’s 50-strong event line-up will take place across the city, the new café will act as ‘base’, located in the heart of Bristol on Quay Street.

We put in a well-timed break for you to top up those glasses as well, we're generous like that and of course there's plenty of time after the event to mingle some more.

Online dating is an exclusive way to make sure that you meet the most Bristol singles in your immediate area.

If you do travel up to the capital on a regular basis then you should consider checking out our Speed Dating in London events.

Well here at Original Dating, we think the final piece of the puzzle is speed dating in Bristol and who better to give the singles of Bristol exactly what they want than Original Dating.

With the ability to go through Loads of profiles in order to find one person that will help you to make the most out of your days, you will inevitably be able to have fun.We're London's leading speed dating and singles events organiser.We run over 300 events a year and have been doing so since 2003. Now we think it's time to revolutionise dating in Bristol, after all why should London have all the fun!Roll for the Soul founder Rob Wall said: "I’m really excited about the fourth year of Bristol Cycle Festival.We have more events than ever and a permanent home at the café.

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