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Sometimes crushes are crushing because you are left waiting without an answer.

I am not sure into which category my story fits, but I do know it still hurts, years later.

Sometimes he would tell me about how Katie treated him -- which I did not think was very well.

All the time Rob and I were working together I noticed the way he spoke of his family, the way he handled himself when a problem arose, and, most of all, how he earned respect from everyone around him.

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One spring day, I was chatting with him when out of the blue he told me that he and Katie had broken up.Sometimes as we get older and relationships become more complicated, we want to go back to that simple system.One thing I learned from my experience in junior high is that checking "no" is an option.Or circumstances may prevent us from getting together: one person moves away, parents won't allow one of us to date, or one or both of us feel like God is somehow saying "No," or "Wait." In all of these cases the blow is crushing.As in any disappointing situation, it is good to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

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