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Jamie skated with former NHL left-winger Craig Simpson, whom she had known for years from the Edmonton skating scene.

The only hovering question is how the public will respond to this twist in the love story.

After auditions, they had their first full-length skate in 1998.

“I couldn’t believe it because everything just felt so easy. It’s almost like we were created to skate together.

“It was weird in the beginning when he started talking because he’d say, ‘Daddy’s house, Mommy’s house.’ It was just normal to him,” says Jamie. The weeks and month following the breakup were agony. “You have to start focusing on the good things in your life, and that was exactly what I did. I was sitting on my couch for months like this” – she rocks back and forth – “going, ‘I can’t breathe.’ I felt like I lost -” She stifles the tears. Yet Jamie’s and David’s professional and personal lives are uniquely connected — even their limbs are literally intertwined. [The year we split up] we skated to a love song and we were fine.” In other words, their relationship is a business they own together, only they can’t exactly sell it and split the profits.

In the months after David moved out, Jamie struggled with whether she could continue performing at , until she realized that she couldn’t bear to lose skating along with her marriage. Still, there are some signs of professional separation, too.

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