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At the first practice, Coach Ambrose set the tone by sitting down in the middle of the floor. “Then I had like a guy from Oblong try to pick me up, who really struggled to do it, then I had another guy try to pick me up, you know, kinda with him …” Finally, Ambrose called over a third athlete. “I just used that as an example that they were stronger together.” “Stronger Together” became the team’s motto — featured on T-shirts, chanted by cheerleaders, crafted into a banner by kindergartners.It was crucial, Ambrose says, because the team was a new co-op merging athletes from three east central Illinois high schools — Palestine, Hutsonville, and Oblong.But plenty of schools co-op sports, like Ambrose’s “OPH” football team, and manage to compromise on the mascot Money can be a big sticking point, especially if one district has debt or pays their teachers and staff higher wages. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) suggests it’s the math of mileage.“I believe there’s a lot of districts out there that want to explore consolidation,” he says, “but once they find out that their kids are going to be on a bus, driving for hours in one direction, it kind of ends the conversation.” He’s pitching a plan (SB 1369) that would allow any elementary district to dissolve and disperse its students among multiple neighboring districts (right now, they have to pick just one).Illinois has some school districts operating with only elementary grades, some with only high school grades, some with fewer than a hundred children — a total of 852 school districts. Pat Quinn’s push to cut by almost two-thirds the number of school districts in the state.That's more than any other state except California and Texas, both of which have more than twice our population. Mention hot-button issues in Illinois politics, and what comes to mind? State Senator Chapin Rose had what he thought was a no-brainer bill.Ulrich Boser, the report's author, joined Charles Barone, the policy director for Democrats for Education Reform, Doris Terry Williams, the executive director of the Rural School and Community Trust, and Cynthia G.

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Some are just single schools, with fewer than a hundred students.Most of our state’s school districts fall into this category.For now, small districts will continue creatively combining special ed services, sometimes food purchases, and of course sports teams.The team started workouts just a few months after two of those towns — Palestine and Hutsonville — attempted to carry their merger beyond sports by asking voters to approve consolidation of their school districts.“The first time I visited Palestine, I remember seeing a billboard that was specifically saying Vote NO,” Ambrose says.

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