Consolidating audio logic blind dating cast crew

At home I have Pro Tools LE, with a voice limit of 32. Be aware, that this function is pre-fader, meaning the fader value, and any automation on a track, is ignored. any plug-ins that are on a track will get printed onto the exported file.So I consolidate all tracks in PTHD and transfer them to Logic. So if you don't want teh plug-ins included, you;ll have to remove them, or by-pass them.What you want to do is use the "Convert Regions to New Audio Files" command.This will create new audio files that only have region content.i swear, put the logic developers in a room with people who actually cut records for a living for a day with a notepad and a whole lot of coffee and logic would be without a doubt the coolest goddamn thing ever invented in audio.its so close to perfection, but they always seem to aim too high on new features and wind up neglecting the basic functionality/fixing bugs.every time this topic comes up i am more and more convinced 90% of user here have no idea how pro tools handles this so, for the record, it works like this in PT- its like the merge tool, except it can create silent audio before/after regions too. you can select one track, 10 tracks, all tracks, and they will all become files of the user specified length when consolidated. While this is "partially" what you would want, it doesn't address the starting points of the tracks.

Does anyone know the equivalent to "Consolidating" in Pro Tools - In Logic?I would like to consolidate audio regions into 1 single region,..I know the = key makes multiple regions into one.can that same thing be done from bar 1 (which would include empty space)? Logic Pro 9 Master Pro and X certified Pro Tools 10 & 11 Certified Operator2 x 3.06 Intel Six-Core 16 GB RAM, Logic 10.4.1, 10.13.6., UA Apollo2012 i7 MBP Logic 10.4.4, 10.14.1 won't work unless you have a region at bar 1 (which I'm assuming you don't?i honestly cant figure out how logic's developers keep looking past this haha.they obviously put in the effort to get the bounce in place stuff in there and putting in the plugin/auto bypass and all that.

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