Conor kennedy and taylor swift dating

Devastating news for anyone who spent the past few months tracking Taylor Swift’s romance with Conor Kennedy (even going as far as writing fan fiction about the singer’s odd relationship with Conor’s grandmother Ethel Kennedy): Taylor and Conor have allegedly broken up. (Probably Taylor, she seems considerate like that.)Did the breakup have anything to do with the rumor that Swift dated Conor’s cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger?The heart-wrenching report arrives via , to which “a close friend” of Swift’s relayed that the couple had “quietly parted ways a while ago.” Casually, the friend adds, “It was just a distance thing. They’re fine.” *Easy to say for someone who did not buy a .9 million house in Hyannis Port, learn how to drag, and crash a wedding just to be closer to her boyfriend’s family.*Regardless of whether or not the story is true, it conspicuously comes at a momentous time for Swift—for those who have not been paying attention, Swift’s latest album, Would someone please check on Ethel?! Or the fact that Taylor probably did not want to spend much time in her 18-year-old boyfriend’s dorm room? What will Taylor write in her future breakup song about Conor?The couple would regularly appear on red carpets together and post images to their social media pages.Multiple reports claim that it was Calvin who wanted to break up.She did receive some criticism for the age difference in the relationship, being that she was 22 and Conor was 18.

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That was completely fictional—as far as we know, the pair never spent hours making vision boards and ignoring cell-phone calls from Conor. (Has someone in the family confronted her about the misspelled “Hyiannis Port” liner notes yet?RELATED: Jake Gyllenhaal Has Finally Answered A Question About Taylor Swift Adam Young (2011) Owl City's Adam Young never officially dated Taylor, with things never escalating past some emails and one face-to-face meeting.Taylor was so excited to meet Young that she later wrote the song 'Enchanted' about him.She sings: " Conor Kennedy (2012) Taylor dated Robert F.Kennedy's grandson Conor Kennedy during the summer of 2012.

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