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There’s a monthly minimum expenditure of , so subscribers need to rent a couple of items at a time for the service to make sense.(The company said recently that it was redoing its fee structure; some prices noted here may change.) Large pieces, which can be a hassle to move when you’re still trying out jobs and cities, are in most orders, Mr. Sofas include a chunky, modernist West Elm model that retails for 9 and rents for a month, if you sign up for a year subscription (prices are higher for shorter terms).Who do you connect with - who are you instantly attracted to?Speed dating with Ditch or Date allows you to find this out with up to 20 single people all in one night.There are many single people in Belfast who have enjoyed attending our speed dating events.Runing now for 4 years Ditch or Date speed dating events work whether its long term romance you're looking for or just a first few initial dates.Bill Ehrlich, a 31-year-old Fernish customer, rented a sectional sofa when he moved to Los Angeles for a job in the electric vehicle industry.“Mattresses — we’d all have some reservations about renting that,” he said.

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Or the goods can be picked up (for a fee of 9), taken to Feather’s Brooklyn warehouse (or, in the San Francisco area, one in South San Francisco) and spruced up for the next customer. Upholstered items — many of them covered in durable contract-grade fabrics — are steam-cleaned.

Apparently they have commitment issues when it comes to home furnishings, too.

At least that’s the thinking behind several web start-ups seeking to lease them everything from sofas to throw pillows.

Along with its own furniture — including midcentury knockoffs similar to Feather’s — it has a selection of items from Crate & Barrel and CB2.

When asked about the ick factor of using secondhand furniture, founders Michael Barlow, 31, and Lucas Dickey, 36, said that beagles patrol their warehouses to ensure that furniture returned to them isn’t infested with bedbugs.

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