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The Sultan of Bagdad, Abu Said Bahadur Khan, was a Tatar king who embraced Islam. Mansur assembled engineers, surveyors, and art constructionists from around the world to come together and draw up plans for the city.

Over 100,000 construction workers came to survey the plans; many were distributed salaries to start the building of the city.

Ctesiphon itself had replaced and absorbed Seleucia, the first capital of the Seleucid Empire, which had earlier replaced the city of Babylon.

According to the traveler Ibn Battuta, Baghdad was one of the largest cities, not including the damage it has received. Bagdad is also home to the grave of Abu Hanifa where there is a cell and a mosque above it.

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Marble was also used to make buildings throughout the city, and marble steps led down to the river's edge.

The original design shows a single ring of residential and commercial structures along the inside of the city walls, but the final construction added another ring inside the first.

In the center of the city lay the mosque, as well as headquarters for guards.

The purpose or use of the remaining space in the center is unknown.

The circular design of the city was a direct reflection of the traditional Persian Sasanian urban design.

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