Cambridge is top university for sugar daddy dating

"She seeks to learn from him and advance her knowledge about life, business, culture and more - while earning some pocket money to pay off her college tuition or debt." The advertising campaign will target more than 12 universities for next three months and CEO Sigurd Vedal claims 75 per cent of of new signups are women, many of whom are aged between 18-26.As well as King's College London, the billboards will be displayed at the London School of Economics and The City Law School.It was, she said, 'terrible': 'People shouldn't think it's all rosy and glamorous because it's not.' More than 1,000 women at Cambridge University alone are using sugar daddy websites to subsidise their tuition and living costs, making on average around £3,000 per month.In a society that tells young people that 'sex work' is acceptable, it's perhaps unsurprising that some grab the chance of easy money.

"For the next 3 month we will have five cars driving around to all major educational institutions.A second-year History student, who asked not be named, said: "It's disgusting.It should be illegal for these perverts to pray on youngsters like this."University is expensive, we all know that, and I'm in a massive amount of debt."But me and my friends would never turn to prostitution in order to reduce that, and these sorts of websites are tantamount to that - it's exploitative and wrong." On their website the Norwegian company describes itself as a "sugar daddy and sugar baby dating site" but has been accused of encouraging prostitution and preying on the financial insecurity of students.

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