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The controllers always give it away when they show you the shoes, either loose or in a pile. The only one of the recent events that seemed real was the John Earnest shooting in Poway, CA.The totally reliable giveaway is that whatever you see over and over and over again on the TV news is a lie.

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People are fearful of being seen as kooks, so they strive to stay in the "mainstream" of thoughts.

When I explained to Patrick Slattery my reasons for saying that Judaism was neither a race nor a religion, it caused a great deal of controversy.

If anyone here wants to engage me in a dialogue on any of the topics mentioned I'll check back here from time to time.

They did a voice interview of me for their Eye on New Mexico feature on KOB TV4 and for my three minutes of the 10 O'Clock News I was talking about free speech and quoting Thomas Jefferson to the effect that if you want to find truth in the newspapers read the advertisements.

From participating on those telephone conference calls I came to know Red of Texas and was beginning to hear from Mer of Wisconsin and we were starting to have some interesting conversations.

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