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The 10 invited start-ups and entrepreneurs successfully performed a 7 minutes pitch each, to a panel of European early stage private investors, business angels and seed funds.

Each pitch was followed by a Q&A session in which the investors provided tailored feedback to entrepreneurs.

Does steatosis affect the performance of diffusion-weighted MRI values for fibrosis evaluation in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 4?

By: Besheer, Tarek; Razek, Ahmed Abdel Khalek Abdel; El-Bendary, Mahmoud; et al. pylori eradication therapy: impact on eradication rates, treatment resistance, treatment-related side effects, and patient compliance By: Cekin, Ayhan Hilmi; Şahinturk, Yasin; Harmandar, Ferda Akbay; et al.

In the next weeks and months several of these invited SMEs should report an effective impact (on the next round of funding) of their participation in the event.

The main criteria for project selection were mediatech sector relevance, scalable business model, European/International focus, a strong entrepreneurial and leadership spirit and previous interest won for the project (e.g. The following 10 companies were thus selected on the basis of sector, development stage and quality of proposed products/services:– Netmera (Turkey, Istanbul) back-end services for mobile applications – Tazaldoo (Germany, Berlin), a social media content curation and verification platform – Au REEL (Austria, Vienna), a software for video annotation and augmentation – Info Dif Ltd (Turkey, Ankara), image processing and video analytics – Bevelity (Spain, Barcelona), a cloud Based application for 3D content – Witelist Ltd (Spain, Barcelona), location-based browser and mobile application – Venaka Media Ltd (UK, London) 3D system capture and offline image visualization software – Kool Fing- Rekreate D (France, Grenoble), an immersive 3D platform – Hercules Filmnetwork (Austria, Vienna), a social network platform for movie producers – Smartsy (France, Paris), visual recognition and immersive mobile experience Both entrepreneurs and investors found the event’s personalized approach to the industry extremely valuable, as they developed meaningful relationships and benefited from a wide range of investment and industrial partnership opportunities. Magio (BBC, INRIA, Surrey University, ARTEFACTO, Vicon) Moderated by Jovanka Adzic, Telecom Italia “Sourcing content from social media: a journalistic application of the Soc Io S platform”, Birgit Gray, Sara Porat, Konstantinos Tserpes (Deutsche Welle, IBM, National Technical University of Athens) “[email protected]: social enhanced reading experiences for education”, F. v=u1z Ik NVg GAU Hasan Palaz, Acting Vice-President of TUBITAK Detlef Eckert, Director “Media and Data”, DG Connect, European Commission Sahin Albayrak, Berlin Technical University, T-Labs Keynote address “Mobile multimedia meets cloud”, Chang Wen Chen, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA NEM Summit Programme Introduction Thorsten Herfet, co-Chair of the NEM Summit Programme Committee, Intel Gozde Bozdagi Akar, co-Chair of the NEM Summit Programme Committee, Middle East Technical University, Ankara Chaired by Jose Manuel Menendez, UPM “Predictable Reliability for Media Streaming over unmanaged Internet”, Manuel Gorius, Thorsten Herfet (Saarland University) “Controlling a Software-Defined Network via Distributed Controllers”, Volkan Yazici, M. Oguz Sunay, Ali Özer Ercan (Özyegin University) “Open Qo S: Open Flow Controller Design and Test Network for Multimedia Delivery with Quality of Service”, Hilmi Enes Egilmez, Said Tahsin Dane, Burak Gorkemli, Ahmet Murat Tekalp (Koc University, Argela Technologies) Open Qo S-Open “Web delivery of free-viewpoint video of sport events”, Oliver Grau, Chris Budd, Peter Schuebel (BBC R&D, University of Surrey) Chaired by Gozde Bozdagi Akar, co-Chair of the NEM Summit Programme Committee, Middle East Technical University “GUIDE: Personalisable Multi-modal User Interfaces for Web Applications on TV”, C. To gain knowledge concerning the geographical area where exposure to BALKV exists, entomological surveys were conducted in 20, in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.A total of 2830 sand flies were trapped during 20 campaigns, and organised as 263 pools.

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