Brandi padilla garnett dating history

The couple’s love has grown bigger and bigger over the years.

While she was battling cancer, her husband and former NBA player Jason Maxiell had a big chop as a tribute.

If the list below is anything to go by, then it’s evident that NBA stars are not only addicted to beauty but brains as well.

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The couple has so much of history and their relationship has been seen by the public at all the extremities.However, the two have proved that true love never dies even though their relationship is one that’s hard to keep up with.Vanessa had filed for divorce in December 2011, claiming the ex-La Lakers star cheated on her severally.With all the clues of them getting back together, we can still look forward to their marriage.And when they have shorted out their differences to start a long journey together again, we can surely wish them a never ending fairy tale life ahead.

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