Bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence dating rumors

In other words, neither Lady Gaga nor Jennifer Lawrence is appearing on the .Meanwhile, the "Shallow" singer just debunked the rumors saying that she and Bradley Cooper are an item by kissing her new boyfriend on the public.The fact-checking publication claimed a source close to Bradley Cooper revealed that the report about Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence competing for the female lead role of the forthcoming film is a work of fiction.The same tipster even called the claim "insane" as there is zero truth in it.The same insider stated that Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence are the top two choices to become Bradley Cooper's leading lady.Aside from the "Poker Face" songstress, Bradley has, also, worked with Jennifer in various projects including was quick to debunk the claims.Cooper, who has never won any awards for his dozen or so previous films, is receiving all kinds of accolades for his role in the comedy drama with Jennifer Lawrence, who is also up for a best actress Oscar.

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"Once Bradley seals the deal, every actress in Hollywood will be fighting tooth and nail for the juicy role alongside him," an unnamed source claimed.She’s fostered a reputation for being in-the-know about all things Hollywood.If so, she should be more careful with loose comments.Some sources claimed their night out was a date, while others suggested the meeting was strictly business.This time, insiders say there's more here than a movie deal (via magazine): "She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her.

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