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About half said they identified themselves most frequently by their family's national origin — e.g., Mexican, Cuban, Salvadoran, etc.

An additional 21% said they called themselves American most often, a figure that climbed to 40% among those born in the U. Some find it offensive to be called Hispanic or Latino and prefer to be called by their true ethnic group, such as Mexican, Colombian, Bolivian, etc.

Drink any of our delicious natural and traditional juice (Parchita, Orchata, Chicha, Avena) how about some red wine from the Valley (Chile).

At the end when someone ask me where I was born I am proud to say....

That way I'll include both my parents' nationality.These qualities help people remember where they came from, and inspire us to do do even better than those that came before us by learning what they can teach us.I respect your opinion but it's still a bit closed minded. But nobody ever seems to get offended by that term. " There are plenty of non white people living down under and there are native people in canada. Generally people refer to them as Canadians or natives, Australians (specifically aborigines), The french have gypsies and a growing black muslim community.I've never in my life heard anybody refer to countries of france, canada, and Australia as the same and say they're all white.I suppose if I met enough stupid people maybe but I don't travel in such circles.

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