Black dating interracial man negatives of dating

Nor the one who asked me why there isn’t a “White History Month,” too. You’re wrong for making me feel as though my presence only holds value when it makes you feel superior. That my voice and brain are severe threats to your obviously fragile manhood.

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A powerful black woman went on live television during the most-watched event of the year and called for women everywhere to band together and fight patriarchy, all while serving modern-day Black Panther realness. If side-eye could kill, his frat brothers would’ve held a candlelit vigil in his honor that night. Neither was the guy who “debated” that the country only trusted Obama’s presidency because he was half-white. However, when your opinion is rooted in the belief that marginalized voices should be muted for the sake of your comfort, you’re wrong. She was a chatty and congenial Aussie, with a distinctive no-bullshit edge. And a number of biracial celebrities — including Alicia Keys, Drake, Halle Berry, and Wentworth Miller — were born to white mothers and black fathers.Most importantly on a Friday night, she was a straight woman in gay bar who wasn’t playing the I’m-such-a-fabulous-fag-hag card while taking up way more space than necessary. I have a theory about white women and black men, and it goes a little something like this.If a black person dates someone outside of their race, their “blackness” — and how they feel about it — should not automatically be called into question. I am the mythical black girl that many of you encounter in life’s grand race to find “the one.” And like anything else in this life, our future together is uncertain. You own a metal detector and mine for gold in your free time?

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