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Is there a way to unlock the special weapons in version 1.5? Hey BF2 Explorer i can only find the Object_and Object_I cant find the Object_server folder or file you r talking about so pleasee help me.

I tried silent_nightmare's way and it worked thank you but i only got 1 new weapon unlocked for each kit.please help me how to unlock all the weapons for all the kits.

*Note on windows XP, There will be no progress bar on the file tranfer until it is almost finished..

When its almmost done, a dialog will say "compressing" and then will eventually close, signaling it is finished..

This takes 5-10 minutes so you might want to get a snack....

Once it is done run your game, and play *Note In the game, the weapon selection picture will remain unchanged, but when you select your weapon, and spawn point, the weapon will be the unlocked on.

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Upon clicking properties, look for the security tab. You should do this one at a time per py file if you are going to edit them all lol If it says access denied follow these simple steps:1.

Now you will see the folder "kits" just like in the Object_server folder.

So click on kits, then US, or whatever soldier class u would like to edit and copy all the contents from your new folder to the there.

there will be a bunch of files look for the two named "Objects_Client", and "Objects_Server" Right click on the smaller one, (Objects_Server) and click "Open With".

There may be a dialog that comes up, and says "would you like to find a program on the internet to open this file, or would you like to open this file with a program installed on your computer. Then when the applications list comes up, click browse.

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