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As far as Latina communicates strong in general, this can be a question of setting and style of communication in general.

Anglophones tend to be more reserved, subtle, and worth their personal space.

The Hollywood image of the hyper-sexualized Latina in tight sexy clothes did not do much for promoting the image.

Not all Latin women are born to wear high heels and clothing sizes too small, regardless of what television and movies would have you believe.

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Latinas are known for their exotic beauty and hot emotions.Latin culture has its fair share of superstitions and stories of old women.If you sweep at the feet of a single woman, she will never marry; if you cut the hair of a prepubescent child, he will never grow up; and leaving a broom behind the door will deter unwanted visitors; do not leave your purse on the floor or you will lose your money (which seems reasonable to me).It has often been said that all Latins are good cooks and housewives who find personal joy in keeping a house immaculate.Many Latins are traditionally brought to the forefront of the family, first as beautiful moms and dedicated women.

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