Ben roethlisberger dating ashley

Today, Ashly and Ben have three children; Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger who born on November 21, 2012, Baylee Marie Roethlisberger born on March 19, 2014, and Bodie Roethlisberger who was born in 2017. Ashley Harlan has a height of around 5 feet 10 inches.

She is slim and blessed with a nice physique which she enhances by trying to keep fit.

This was Ashley’s choice because of religious beliefs.

They married in Pittsburgh, and Ashley became pregnant four months afterward.

One interesting thing during the wedding was that the couple got the guests to donate towards a foundation the couple started.

The foundation was started to raise and give funds to Ronald Mc Donald House and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

Ashley works as a physician’s assistant in the cardiac surgery department of the Presbyterian Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Ben Roethlisberger’s wife helps diagnose illnesses and aids surgeries.

The same thing would happen again in 2010 when he was accused this time around by a college student at Milledgeville Georgia.In October of 2016, the Steelers organization put together a runway charity event which both Ben, Ashley, and all three of their kids participated in.Ben posted pictures of the family walking down the runway.Looking at her weight, the woman is average in that aspect.Working as an assistant nurse, Ashley Harlan earns a good amount of salary. Some sources have put her net worth as high as million, even though it is extremely unlikely.

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