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#2 Use “me” instead of “we.” If you are married or in a serious relationship, you will know how important teamwork is in making things work.

There is no denying that partnership is key when building a life with someone else, but independence plays a huge role too.

However, you must realize that independence is one of the most important qualities to have in today’s world.

Being financially dependent on someone else is a problem that most people tend to struggle with today.

Whether it is still accepting handouts from your parents or relying on your spouse to take care of everything, try to break free from it all.

Well, we all have a horrible first date story, so you might as well share them and laugh together. If you’re a real book worm, and the last book they read was a few years back, well, it might not be a match. This time, they should think about what type of partner they want. [Read: 8 important questions you have to ask on a speed date] #37 What’s your proudest moment? This sounds weird, but if they don’t do anything, well, their anger just builds inside of them. Maybe it is a secret love for the Hallmark channel. How to be witty and win over anyone] #40 Who are you closest to in your family? #42 If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you’d buy?

Another good way to start a conversation and get to know this person. Is it hearing babies laugh or watching a great comedy?

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