Asian and latino dating

Perhaps because of this context, perhaps because of our zeal for acceptance by mainstream culture, or perhaps because of something atavistic, segments of the LGBTQ community are equally plagued by racism.

We are grateful for the trust our community has placed in us and hope, by encouraging more empathy, we can ensure the connections made on Scruff are rooted in tolerance, respect, and love.

Historically, Scruff has always allowed members to enter their ethnicity, and since 2013 has allowed members to search their nearby grid by numerous factors, ethnicity included.

Since 2015, Scruff has unlocked extra profiles in the nearby grid to guys who filled out their entire profile.

On this point, we again understand that people disagree, and because of this our approach will continue to evolve as we listen and learn more.

There are many forms of discrimination, racism being one.

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